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                                         CURRENT PROJECTS & WORKS-IN-PROGRESS

Beyond Testimony: Tragic Spectatorship and Victims of Trauma as Agents of Change is a restorative justice theater project that has grown out of four years of intensive work with the Voices of St. Joseph's Orphanage Writers' Group. We are currently in the process of creating a theatrical event

that artfully documents and chronicles the lawsuits brought by victims of childhood abuse at St. Joseph's Orphanage to the Catholic Archdiocese, which was an effort to bring justice to those victims that ultimately failed. In the process, the survivors were re-traumatized as their horrific stories were

refuted and denied. This form of theater, interweaving the voices of the survivors with materials documenting court proceedings, other transcripts, and interviews, will serve as a powerful vehicle

for the survivors' voices, and a moving, galvanizing forum for civic discourse towards social change.

    We are honored to have the support of the Vermont Humanities, the Vermont Arts Council,

                                          and the Vermont Community Foundation,

AGENTS OF CHANGE, founded in 2020, is Threshold's ongoing project of creative and dramatic writing workshops,  theatrical presentations and publications, originally launched as part of the former St. Joseph's Orphanage Restorative Inquiry, an initiative involving adult survivors of physical and emotional abuse as children. Agents of Change also works within the recovery community and the prison system.

Carol has been a teacher of creative writing for many years, serving as Writing Consultant for The Brooklyn Public Library Literacy and Prison Services Program & Writer in Residence , Teachers College, Columbia University Reading & Writing Project and as part of Quantum Leap, Bennington College. She holds a master's degree from the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. 
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