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The project included a workshop to teach local residents how to do audio interviews to gather stories in their town. Stories, in the form of online content, are accessible with a mobile app such as "QR Reader" or "Red Laser," used to scan QR codes on metal plaques installed around the village at specific locations.

The QR codes link to video and audio so that people can access them with their computer, phones or mobile devices. They can then listen to or watch a story about North Bennington as they explore this historic and wonderful little Village. If you would like to bring a Story Tour Workshop to your community, please get in touch!

Local Yarns, The North Bennington Story Tour is a creative placemaking project in the village of North Bennington, Vermont.


Threshold Collaborative teamed up with residents to create a mobile audio and video tour  about people and places in North Bennington.

These stories and more can be found on Soundcloud

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This is an ongoing project, to get involved please get in touch!

This project was made possible by the generous support of The Fund for North Bennington

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