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Threshold Collaborative is a teaching, consulting and capacity building organization.

Our partnerships are built by developing a unique and tailored relationship with your organization, community or network. Our work with you can last a few days or a few years depending on your goals.

Threshold's Storygathering Toolkit on Issuu

Threshold is about:


Developing up to the minute training materials and curriculum to teach engaged story gathering and sharing with your community.


Producing dynamic multi-media content to tell the stories of your community: audio, photography, video, web and print media.


Teaching and Coaching you and your constituents to share their stories, surface their ideas and experiences through workshops tailored to your needs.


Activating and Mobilizing communtiy engagement, participatory action research (PAR) storygathering/sharing, communcation strategies, campaigns and movement buiding.


Designing and Installing artful, creative and effective projects that share stories and engage with a broad and diverse audience.

Storygathering workshop at Southern Vermont College

Ways that we can work with you:


Workshops: Using stories to amplify the voice of your community 


Strategic Design: Using narrative and other participant engagement to develop the knowledge and buy in needed to make change


Communications: Promoting the voice and values of your constituents to share your message


Archiving and Documentation: Preserving the lived history of your family, organization, community


Community Engagement Initiatives: Creating change in your community by tapping the ideas and opinions of a broad segment of your community


Harnessing Knowledge and Impact: Highlighting the knowledge of your partiipants to understand and assess impact.

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