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Meet Precious, a learner at I-LEAD Charter School in Reading, PA. Threshold has an ongoing relationship with I-LEAD to help articulate and share the vision, potential and dreams of these leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about APIW, please visit:

a picture is worth... is a collaborative creation that engages people in sharing and crafting powerful stories about their lives. Audio narratives of 1000 words are linked to photographed portraits through easy to access technology, giving voice to the person whose photo hangs before you.


​The experience is at once intimate and powerful, helping the viewer to listen deeply and develop connections and understanding. A Picture is Worth is being used to share insights and create awareness about issues as diverse as domestic/sexual violence, teen parenting, youth leadership development and local food sustainability.


​a picture is worth...​ occupies that space that connects creativity with action, the individual with the larger community and amplifies the significance of personal transformation to public awareness and change. These projects are adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments, can be large in scale or small, in person and on-line. They are portable and therefore perfect for community outreach and widely scaled impact. Let us know how we can help you amplify the voice of your community!

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